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News from CTR-Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

Beer Harlos starts using a new food cart trailer by CTR Fahrzeuge

Refrigerated vans for sale for Bier-Harlos

A refrigeretad van for sale produced by the vehicle company CTR Fahrzeuge has just started its journey to the Northern part of Germany. The company Beer Harlos from Bremerhaven has ordered a model “Arctic” of a food van for their daily operations. This refrigerated van is serving for the transportation of food and beverage.   … [read more]

30. August 2016

Edeka Decker acquired a new Partycooler Little Ben

Mobile catering unit partycooler Little Ben

The team of Edeka Decker has increased its fleet with a Partycooler “Little Ben” produced by the vehicle company CTR Fahrzeuge. The merchant family from the Rhineland-Palatinate region has been well known for their business since quite a long time and are always generating new ideas. Thus, they requested a special mobile catering unit from … [read more]

25. July 2016

CTR manufactures a Promocube for the Hyundai company

Promocube for Hyundai

The company CTR Fahrzeuge has just delivered a newly built Promocube Big Square to the famous South Korean automobile manufacturer Hyundai. This promotional vehicle has a 6×6 meter surface which allows the Asian automobile giant to participate in promotional events. There is a special feature of the model that includes an encircling roof band.   … [read more]

27. June 2016

Smart Mobile Station was delivered to Kassel

Smart Mobile Station

CTR company has delivered a new Smart Mobile Station to the client from the northern Hessen region, Kassel. This commercial van for sale is very effective in the area of promotion, being eye-catching for clients. The Promokit Smart M sale trailer was developed for a product branding. This event and promo stand is perfect for … [read more]

27. May 2016

Delivery of a new concession trailer for Gerolsteiner

Concessions trailers

The vehicle manufacturer CTR has just built and delivered a new refrigerated trailer for sale. The logo of the company Gerolsteiner, a producer of mineral water, has framed the trailer. And the name of this great concessions trailer is “Arctic”. Added to that, it has a tandem chassis within a construction. This refrigerated trailer for … [read more]

28. April 2016

CTR calls it a Promocube-year – delivery has already started

Promocube Big Square leaves for a roadshow

A newly created promocube Big Square by CTR has just headed to a roadshow of our partners. And again, we were honoured to cooperate with our Mercedes-Benz customer. This sale van is to be delivered to our partners the coming week.   However, it is not the end about the vending carts. A number of … [read more]

28. March 2016

Our former apprentice Andreas Cremer as one of the best in the country

CTR among leading trailers manufacturers

Training secures future. It is important to mention that our company, playing an vital role among food truck manufacturers, has been offering a number of jobs over the past 25 years. Being an active member of the Chamber of Commerce in Trier, various specialists are fully ready to demonstrate everything they can. Also our colleague … [read more]

29. February 2016

A well-known traditional company establishes new distribution channels – BOFROST gets a partycooler Little Ben

Branded commercial truck in Koeln

A family-run company BOFROST is very well favored by all housewives along Germany. The company has been known for its’ high qualitative and fresh deep frozen dishes without additional preservatives. Having sales just in front of clients’ door, makes it more difficult for the company to continue the same way. That is why, BOFROST has … [read more]

29. January 2016

Freddy Mobil – probably the smallest catering food truck in the world – is at the FoodTruck Round Up in Stuttgart


Far way earlier than an arrival of the Food Truck Hype that came to Germany from the US, our company produced probably the smallest mobile catering van in the world. This achievement still belongs to us and no one has tried to oppose it. Meanwhile, we have managed to produce many Freddy Mobil covering various … [read more]

15. December 2015

Agro Days in Rheinhessen region – CTR Fahrzeugtechnik company will be at the national exhibition with wine sale trailers

Agro Days Rheinhessen 2016

Nowadays, despite an important role of viral marketing tools, exhibitions are still perceived to be as one of the most crucial platforms for companies to create connections and promote their business. Exhibitions help to establish direct and personal contacts with customers and partners, and create a basis for a fruitful cooperation in future. As one … [read more]

23. November 2015

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