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Concession food trailer Model 2015 – Lea for a company Getränke Martini

If we are thinking about innovation and great ideas in a food and beverage area, then there is nothing better than a beverage company Getränke Martini. Exactly this company from  Morbach-Gutenthal  is always chasing innovations in the industry. What can be better than a customer who is loving your product and recommends it everyone. There should always be a product that not only involve its functionality based on modern technologies, but also accommodates clients’ wishes and needs.

Being in search of a creative and, the main thing, functional concession equipment, the company has requested CTR Fahrzeuge to design and build a new concession food trailer that would include top functionality, novelty and fresh design. We were just right there to create a special design, closely working together with a team of engineers and designers of our company in cooperation with Getränke Martini. Our goal was to create a concession food trailer that would be different from other existing concession equipment of the company and bring a new wave of integrated professional features.

CTR Fahrzeuge is a leading company among catering truck manufacturers, having almost 25 years of expertise building concession equipment and a number of concession food trailers across Germany. The company Getränke Martini made a right decision to buy food cart and, as a result, a new model of a concession food trailer joined a fleet of the company. This concession equipment will definitely attract many new clients and will make a name of the company more profound and popular. This construction is easy to build, saving your time for better sales, and it is easy to handle while your clients are enjoying their refreshing drinks.We are thanking Getränke Martini company for a great partnership and trusting our services. Order and buy food cart right now by getting in touch with CTR Fahrzeuge experts, leaders among catering manufacturers. This is a great business concept that you can start today or add to your existing one.

concession food trailer

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