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Refrigerated Trailers

Almost everywhere, a cold beer is very much appreciated. With so called refrigerated trailers, caterers are enabled to make sure that their food and drinks are kept nice and cool. Freshness is without a doubt one of the most important aspects in modern day mobile gastronomy. Fridge vans are especially designed for carrying goods at certain temperatures. When the entrepreneur has reached the destination, the cooling process commences. That way, the product is kept at a permanent designated temperature until it is purchased and handed over to the consument. Refrigerated vans or trucks are different to insulated and ventilated vehicles.

These are more commonly used for transporting fruits. Refrigerated vans for sale are part of our portfolio here at CTR Fahrzeuge. Pleas do not hesistate to make an inquiry. We are specialized in finding ways to come to terms with your individual needs and requirements. Refrigerated trailers for sale can be ice-cooled. They might be equipped with many different mechanical refrigeration systems. Most often the needed cooling power is generated by small displacement diesel engines. As a cooling agent, sometimes carbon dioxides is utililzed. This might be in liquid form or as dry ice. With CTR Fahrzeuge products, the cold chain is never interrupted. This results in fresh products and eventually in satisfied customers. Freezer vans for sale might be the most delicate vehicle in gastronomy.

Better not imagine if one of these machine fails: investing in quality trucks is strongly advised. Food transportation without concern is what we aim for with the refrigerated trailers you are peeking at. The trucks enable caterers to transport and store cooled products. All kinds of events and festivities depend on the right temperature of foods and drinks. To make sure those are optimized, caterers use freezer vans for a good reason. As for all other trailers and vehicles, you can contact us with your individual wishes for design. Modern technology ensures the adherence of the correct temperature. You can count on expert knowledge and long term experience. There are many possible solutions for your own personal cooling vehicle. Just ask, we will be happy to help.

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