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BBQ Trailers

One of the greatest joys in summertime is a hearty Barbeque. With our BBQ trailers, you get to reach customers at every time of the year though. Although it is more popular during the warm months, especially around christmas outdoor BBQs are fashionable everywhere in Europe. In Germany, almost at every big festival or village fair the famous „Nürnbergers“ or „Thüringers“ sausages are served via BBQ trailers. Such a vehicle is also known as a grill trailer.

A BBQ concession trailer may be used all year. Other foods that can be purchased from a BBQ trailer for sale are burgers, smoky meat like steak or Schnitzel and grilled vegetables of all kind. The popularity of grilled food is unmatched in many areas of the world. Very often, BBQ trucks are located at concert venues or other similar events. Enjoying music and drinking alcohol leaves visitors hungry for sure. Many attendents crave for a hearty hot dog, sausage or burger. With a BBQ trailer you are able to provide food in a very mobile and spontaneous kind of way. BBQ trailers by CTR-Fahrzeuge ensure your performance as being top-notch and aid your customers in a satisfying culinary way.

In addition to serving cold drinks, the providing of grilled food is an elemental pillar of gastronomy during events and festivities. CTR bbq trailers for sale are the ideal solution for great taste and being hungry. We have innovative food mobiles in stock: they come with pro technology and highest engineering standards. Customize the design for your own personal needs and ideas. We will be happy to help, so do not hesitate to contact us. BBQ trailers enhance your presence at events and make your brand more popular! There are many different vehicles: some even have a counter where customers can enjoy their food. Moreover, you can present your grilled goodness in a delightful way.

If you care, audio- or even video-features can be implemented. Thankfully, we can count on many years of expertise – and so can you. Individual needs and wishes are transformed into reality by our know-how. Investing in a BBQ trailer is going to pay off financially: this is what we learned from many years of manufacturing.

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