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Qualified Services


As an expert in the design and production of tailor-made special vehicles, we can also provide the right person for other services: We offer all services related to maintenance and repair of serving trailers, construction of beverage units, refrigeration units, and refrigerated trailers, as well as other promotional vehicles. CTR can also bring your  special  vehicle or your bar trailer technically and visually up to the latest standards.


As experts on special vehicles in the promotion area, we think a little different than our counterparts at the major automotive companies. We do not produce uniform mass products, which is what they’re all about. Our focus is on, and for, our customer, always the customer, whose personal concerns and desires we take seriously and individually. The development of your specific vehicle is on the latest CAD / CAE systems and is always based on the cutting edge of technology. In line with our philosophy, we maintain the customer focus all through the design stage and we keep you informed of the progress at each of the intermediate levels of vehicle development. We believe that our quality shows, not only in manufacturing but, more explicitly, in the ongoing work and development of new ideas and projects.


CTR-Vehicles provides all-around perfect sales vehicles, tailored to your exact needs. Our products are individually custom-designed, decorated, and equipped. These uniquely conceived and arranged serving trailers, promotional vehicles, and refrigerated trucks can assist you with logistics and sales promotions. And, optionally, they can include high-quality equipment solutions (e.g., refrigerators, dishwashers, audio/video production equipment and grills). Simply let us know your requirements and wishes for your desired vehicle.

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