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Mobile Food Trailers

Mobile food trailers are gaining importance without a doubt. Since decades, this gastronomic branch – mobile catering – has constantly grown. Caterers use food carts in order to be able to serve their dishes everywhere in modern day cities. A food cart is a vehicle that grants great flexibilty and mobility. In a world marked by speed and quickness, this is an advantage that cannot be underestimated.

Looking for a food cart for sale? Your search might come to an end just right here and now. Make sure to check out our offerings here at CTR Fahrzeuge. We have been manufacturing mobile food trucks for many years and rely on newest technologies. Many variants of mobile food trailers are imaginable. A mobile food van serves multiple purposes such as solely for transportation but also the preparation of foods and drinks. In addition to that, goods are sold directly from the vehicle. So basically, all gastronomic steps occur in one single spot. Food wagons typically have a device for heating board. Also very common is some sort of refrigeration system.

These gadgets ensure that the food can be consumed in a proper condition. Many things are purchased from mobile food trailers: coffee, hot dogs, burritos, donuts, ice cream, burgers: the list really is kind of infinite. Mobile kitchens have a long history that dates back to the last century. As early as in the 1890s, so-called night lunch wagons served night-time workers in New York City. Mobile canteens were used since then, for example by the military, on construction sites or by the salvation army. In the past decades, mobile catering has aroused the notion of being chic. Nowaday, food trucks and mobile food trailers can be seen at any kind of event imaginable. Since the term „street food“ became much more apparent, the importance of the aforementioned vehicles grew in large numbers. The dishes of modern gourmet trucks often have reasonable prices but excellent quality. In 2013, Tampa, Florida saw the world’s largest food truck rally as 99 vehicles attended. We offer a wide variety of customized food trucks and trailers. Browse our offerings and you will see!

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