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Custom Vans and Trailers

Custom Vans and Trailers is a very broad topic. CTR Fahrzeuge has the expertise and knowledge to assist you in your search for custom vans. We have been trailer manufacturers for many years now and are happy to satisfy customers that are looking for a custom trailer. These custom trailers are manufactured from scratch and exclusively due to your own notions and suggestions. We as experienced trailer builders always look for the best and most suitable solution.

The vehicle is an important tool for your business and we care about that. In case you are looking for custom vans for sale, CTR might just be the right place. Did you already make up your mind about the food cart design? If not, there is plenty of possible variations. Of course, the design should be clearly visible – an eye-cacher. Custom built trailers are unique items that caterers can rely on. They serve multiple purposes such as transportation, securing goods and marketing aspects. CTR as one of the top notch food cart manucfacturers provides individually designed and built mobiles for entrepreneurs in the food and beverage segment.

As a food track manufacturer we are well aware of our clients needs. as An unpowered vehicle, custom concession trailers must be towed by a motored vehicle. This is not the case for custom vans which can move all by themselves. Vans are also used for transporting goods from one location to another. A custom trailer or van makes your business recognizable. If the design is outstanding, people will remember. As you are on your way to the next event, advertisement is being made all by itself. The word „van“ stems from the word „caravan“ and simply is an abbreviation. Most often, these vehicles are boxed cargo vans. All kinds of shapes and colours are possible though. Many mobile businesses carry goods to their place of work with a van or a trailer. As a caterer it is more than likely than you cannot spare the use of such a mobile helper. Just browse through our offerings and do not hesitate to contact us.

Custom Built Trailers

Custom Vans

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