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Concession Trailers

Concession trailers are a special section of modern day gastronomy. The advantages are obvious: since the device is motorized, the entrepreneur is able to move his concession trailer to the designated destination. Therefore, one can easily and spontaneously react to altered circumstances. The acquisition of a commercial vehicle or multiple commercial vehicles could trigger a successful gastronomic career. This form of catering is popular around the globe and is gaining importance year by year.

In case you are looking for commercial vehicles for sale, you have come to the right place. CTR Fahrzeuge has vast experience in that field and is more than eligible to work out the right solution for you. We will be glad to pave the road for food concession for our customers. Concession food trailers serve mutiple purposes. First and foremost, here is where the magic happens. Not only is the food sold from the vehicle, very often it is prepared there as well. Of course, some steps can always be done in advance. But still: this is the location where the work is being done. Therefore, it must be assured that the concession trucks bear all the needed equipment.

That includes all kinds of cooling devices and utensils for cooking and serving the meals. A concession trailer for sale might not be the cheapest investment: it is one for the future, though. Concession trucks are available in all kinds of different designs and furnishings. Many different foods can be served from a mobile concession trailer: Hot Dogs, Burgers, Mexican Food, Coffee, Ice Cream. Also, Halal food is another rather new and interesting option. Obviously, with a mobile food concession, one is able to attract a greater group of customers. Individual needs and wishes pose no problem to CTR. Looking for a custom concession trailer? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to work things out with you. Gain quick and fast presence at fairs and other events and serve food and drinks instantly – this creative symbiosis of vehicle and vending place makes it happen. Efficient and functional: and you are all set up.

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