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News from CTR-Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

News from CTR-Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

New exhibition: CTR presented a new wine catering trailer Vinobil at Austrovin Tulln

Mobile catering van

At the Austrovin, a new agricultural exhibition in Tulln, near Vienna, we presented our new wine catering trailer, the Vinobil, at the end of January. During the event, 240 exhibitors from a total of 14 nations showed the entire value chain for wine and fruit growing on 18,000 square meters. We were completely convinced by … [read more]

24. February 2020

Cool 2.0 .: the beverage company Schmitz has obtained a fridge van

Refrigerated trailer for sale

Once again, our CTR employees were able to demonstrate their renovation know-how. Beverage company Schmitz from Nürburg in Rheinland-Pfalz handed their refrigerated trailer for sale in to be extensively reconstructed by the CTR team. The fridge van has been completely repainted and now has a branding appearance of the Bitburger brewery. On top of it, … [read more]

27. January 2020

Extreme makeover: the former postbus transforms into a brisk ice cream van

Ice cream truck

Many vehicles have already undergone changes in our CTR factory. Our hardworking employees are currently working on a modern and visually attractive ice cream truck being transformed from a parcel van. Where previously parcel shipments were stored, now you can find a top equipment. There is a large ice chest, a portioning sink, a hygiene … [read more]

27. December 2019

Hearty & more: An exclusive grill trailer for Grill-Heuser

custom food truck

The company Grill-Heuser from Reichshof-Odenspiel in North Rhine-Westphalia has now received a top-equipped and modern bbq catering trailer produced by the CTR company. Due to the elaborate lighting, the custom food truck of the model GA 5000-6 EAT stands out at night and draws attention to the number of different food and beverage offers. The … [read more]

29. November 2019

Ice cold: Beverage company Schmitz receives a tandem of refrigerated trailers for sale

Refrigerated trailers for sale

Beverage company Schmitz from the Nürburgring has now received their new 3.5 t Arctis refrigerated covered trailer having the Bitburger branding. The measures of the tandem refrigerated trailers for sale are 4 x 2.55 meters. It has a reinforced cooling machine with a defrost heating. There is also a very practical extendable staircase. The floor … [read more]

29. October 2019

Mobile catering: The Marienhof butcher shop is now out with a catering food truck Big Ben

catering food truck

The company Marienhof Metzgerei + Catering from the Hessian town of Weiterstadt has now received its new catering cart Partycooler Big Ben. The owner of the company, Jörg Becker, together with our supportive CTR team has pulled through the project of a new mobile concession stand. Like this, the client can 100 % rely on … [read more]

27. September 2019

New fridge van: Fako-M GmbH is expanding its fleet

Refrigerated vending cart

The Fako-M GmbH company from Neuss has now received a tandem freezer van for sale, model Arctic, being produced by  CTR. The Arctic refrigerated vending cart has a gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes and a payload of 2.2 tonnes. On top of it, it offers space for six euro-pallets. In addition, this fridge van … [read more]

28. August 2019

CTR company is Europe-wide: mobile catering van GA 3500 K goes to Belarus

Ljamus mobile catering van

CTR company is being popular among customers from all over Europe. Also the company Lijamus from Belarus relies on the know-how of our company. From now on, the prestigious restaurant brewery with their food catering truck of the type GA 3500 K will be present at events of all kind. The delivered mobile catering van … [read more]

31. July 2019

Small and compact: A Piaggio Porter catering truck for Hechtbräu

catering truck

Hechtbräu from the Weil the city in Baden-Wuerttemberg has gone for a catering vehicle  Piaggio Porter by CTR company. This cosy and compact food service cart has a cold storage area and a tap. The mobile catering truck is particularly suitable for promotional purposes, street food festivals and smaller events. A traditional company Hechtbräu produces … [read more]

27. June 2019

Hot-Dogs made in Austria: mobile catering trailer Freddymobil for Rabenmutti in Austria

CTR mobile catering trailer

And again, a mobile concession trailer from CTR goes beyond the national border. Ms. Pracher from Leoben, Austria,  is looking forward to a new Freddymobil. Her company Rabenmutti offers a variety of modern street food. Despite the relatively compact size, the mobile catering trailer Freddymobil has a high-quality and includes an extensive equipment. The vehicle … [read more]

28. May 2019

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