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News from CTR-Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

Great performance: Krombacher Tour 2018 is successfully over

mobile catering trailers for sale

And again, the CTR company has delivered a large-scale production of mobile catering trailers for sale, the model GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz, to the Krombacher brewery. As a result, more than 5700 kilometers are over and a number of food concession stands are delivered. It was all possible thanks to our colleagues who performed their … [read more]

20. April 2018

Wine is on the way: winery Weller-Lehnert has just obtained a catering van for sale of a model GA-5000 AT

Mobile concession trailers

CTR company delivers mobile concession trailers not only within Germany and abroad, a company is active regionally as well. The Weller-Lehnert winery in Piesport on the Mosel has decided for cooperation with CTR and is now glad to be owning a new catering van for sale of a GA 5000 AT type from our factory. … [read more]

23. March 2018

CTR international: a grill trailer for Grill Brazil from England

Mobile bbq trailer

CTR company has not only a broad customer base in Germany but we cooperate with clients from all over Europe. At the moment, the company Grill Brazil from Dudley in the UK has ordered a food mobile truck to be manufactured by the experts of our company. For this purpose, an already used food truck … [read more]

26. February 2018

General overhaul: Repairs for the company Drink JM Grooten from Belgium

Catering van for sale

CTR is not only a right place to order a new catering van for sale, but also we undertake repairs for customers throughout Europe. Just recently, the company Drink JM Grooten from Lontzen in Belgium has carried out an extensive overhaul of their truck in our company. The vehicle of the model Peki PV 4000 … [read more]

25. January 2018

A cooking bus is on tour: the Ministry has gone for the enclosed trailer GA 3500-6 EA by CTR

Concession trailer food

A highly committed nationwide taste relies on the know-how of the company CTR. The Ministry of Environment, Agriculture, Food, Viticulture and Forestry of the Rheinland-Pfalz has recently added a concession trailer food produced by our company to its cooking bus. As of now, the enclosed trailer of the model GA 3500-6 EA will be riding … [read more]

18. December 2017

The water supplier Karlsruhe orders a mobile catering van for sale GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz

mobile catering van Karlsruhe

Among various customers, CTR has also clients within the municipal sectors throughout Germany. A new concession food stand GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz with a purpose of serving drinking water has now been delivered to the water supplier Karlsruhe. The one-axis vehicle is top-equipped and meets the highest expectations of our clients. The four meter long … [read more]

28. November 2017

As a mobile catering trailer: Freddymobil goes to Hungary

Concession cart

Customers from all over Europe rely on the know-how of the CTR company. Just recently, Piaggio Porter of its kind, also known as Freddymobil, has been delivered to Mosonmagyaróvár in Hungary. The company VNT MetalHungary Kft. has obtained a concession cart which has a top equipment within it. This catering trailer for sale comes with … [read more]

24. October 2017

GA 5000-8 EKT was delivered: the Hornung company has trusted CTR a new production

Concession cart

Just recently, the company Hornung has selected CTR as their competent partner for corporate catering production. And now the company is relying on our know-how products. A concession cart of the model GA 5000-8 EKT has been delivered to the specialists of the beverage world from the Westphalian region Bocholt. This cart is a real … [read more]

27. September 2017

Refrigerated van for the first wine barrel hotel in the world

Refrigerated vans for sale

The Schwarzrindersee Weindorf (wine village) company has now acquired a newly built food concession trailer from the company CTR. This is where one of our vehicles is going to shine in hands of the outstanding company in Saarland. The delivered vehicle has a low loading refrigerated van. The trailer is equipped with a 230 Volt … [read more]

25. August 2017

CTR catering trucks across Europe: GA 5000-8 EA goes to Belgium

Catering truck

CTR company is active not only in Germany, but also throughout the whole Europe. A new catering truck has recently been delivered to Belgium. The Küpper company has now started using a newly delivered mobile food truck of a model GA 5000-8 EA. The delivered catering truck has a traverse system and an Antoine wet … [read more]

27. July 2017

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