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Great performance: Krombacher Tour 2018 is successfully over

And again, the CTR company has delivered a large-scale production of mobile catering trailers for sale, the model GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz, to the Krombacher brewery.

As a result, more than 5700 kilometers are over and a number of food concession stands are delivered. It was all possible thanks to our colleagues who performed their job involving all the energy and craft.

The delivered mobile catering trailers for sale were of a type GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz. The operators of the vehicles can definitely benefit from a top equipment and an attractive design of the food concession stand. The spacious cooling store can fit up to 24 barrels, 50 liters each. The trusses of the vehicle are illuminated by multi-colored LED spotlights. Added to that, the mobile catering trailers for sale have a 4 –tap beer dispenser. Transparency of the roof ensures a special visual effect attracting visitors even from far away.

Having an output of more than 6.7 million hectoliters, the Krombacher brewery is one of the largest private breweries in Germany and can be proud of such a rich history. For several hundred years, brewing specialties have been produced according to the proven recipes. And this is exactly what makes it special: an in-house brand Krombacher Pils is the mostly sold brand of the Pilsner beer in Germany. Having the new food concession stands, the Krombacher Group is further expanding its inventory in the area of the festive business. We truly thank you for your trust and look forward to our future cooperation!

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