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CTR catering trucks across Europe: GA 5000-8 EA goes to Belgium

CTR company is active not only in Germany, but also throughout the whole Europe. A new catering truck has recently been delivered to Belgium. The Küpper company has now started using a newly delivered mobile food truck of a model GA 5000-8 EA.

The delivered catering truck has a traverse system and an Antoine wet cooler that has been installed on the draw bar. The entire area of the octagonal and elliptical counter consists of 17 meters.

Despite the included sophisticated equipment, this mobile food truck for sale is easy to set up whenever you need thanks to a user-friendly one-hand folding system. The vehicle includes a high-quality LED lighting. The tap is equipped with a 2-line beer system and glasses can be cleaned in two single sinks. The catering truck has enough space for two refrigerators. The hydraulic system of this model allows the vehicle to be lowered by 220 millimeters. This allows to arrange the most convenient contact between a customer and a host.

The Küpper company cooperates with various breweries such as Bofferding, Diekirch and Jupiler.Added to that, the company operates a pavilion and supplies the local gastronomy. With the help of the catering truck GA 5000-8 EA, the gastro-professional will certainly be able to expand its activities in the field of the mobile gastronomy. Our only best wishes for the Küpper company : Good trip and Bon Voyage!

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