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The water supplier Karlsruhe orders a mobile catering van for sale GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz

Among various customers, CTR has also clients within the municipal sectors throughout Germany. A new concession food stand GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz with a purpose of serving drinking water has now been delivered to the water supplier Karlsruhe.

The one-axis vehicle is top-equipped and meets the highest expectations of our clients. The four meter long transparent roof can be folded. The mobile catering van for sale has a storage room with two doors which can be opened from inside and outside of the vehicle. A modern traverse optic and an integrated interchangeable lighting make the stand be a real eye-catcher.

In addition, the GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz offers the following highlights. The floor is made of aluminum corrugated metal plate. The tap is specially created to the needs of serving water. There are four compensatory columns, two each, for carbon dioxide and still water, and four stainless steel circular columns. Two sinks with drip tray and perforated metal cover were also installed.
The counter is also of a high quality. The boards and the construction have the color tone Luxor. The extensive equipment is added by a bottle refrigerator with a glass door and a powerful dishwasher.

The water supplier Karlsruhe will use the mobile catering van for sale not only for serving and selling drinking water, but also for events with marketing purposes. We are more than sure that they will be fully satisfied with the benefits and features of the concession food stand GA 4600-8 EKT Moritz.

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