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Refrigerated van for the first wine barrel hotel in the world

The Schwarzrindersee Weindorf (wine village) company has now acquired a newly built food concession trailer from the company CTR. This is where one of our vehicles is going to shine in hands of the outstanding company in Saarland.
The delivered vehicle has a low loading refrigerated van. The trailer is equipped with a 230 Volt circulating air cooling system. Transported drinks can have a constant temperature of + 4 / + 6 degrees. This type of a refrigerated van for sale can be just perfect for small and large scale events and festivals. These food concession trailers have a prevailing advantage: the loading process is quite easy due to the low-loading construction. A refrigerated van can be color customized upon request. In this case, a food concession trailer has a logo of the Weindorf.
The wine village in WeinStrand with the mobile home oasis is located in a residential and recreation area of Schwarzrindersee. This area is a part of the wellness resort Weiskirchen. The wine village at Schwarzrindersee is very unique because there is the first wine barrel hotel which offers a possibility to dine inside a real wine barrel having a broad gastronomic offer. Our refrigerated van will certainly be a solid support for the wine village within their scope of activities.

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