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CTR MEGA is just on the go – Freddy Mobil promotional vehicle in cooperation with Metro Cash & Carry having a tour around Germany

Small, practical and extremely conspicuous. This is the first impression of the passing by pedestrians who described the Freddy Mobil promotional vehicle in this way. Exactly this convinced the Germany’s leading wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry to start a tour with their all-rounder all around the most favourable places of the country since March 2014. The bright blue lightweight mobile food carts, constructed on the basis of the model  MEGA by the manufacturer  AIXIAM, are being checked by the market manager in order to make carts ready for professional customers.


Promotional vehicles

Being equipped with a variety of 30 refined Mediterranean cuisine specialties, catering trailers can convince every demanding customer to select products locally from the wholesaler. A compact food promotional vehicle has a special equipment, designed to offer a sufficient storage space for all necessary utilities and promotional material, including cooling and cooking units. This unique symbiosis of mobile food carts and a rolling market impressed the market leader. Added to that,  maneuverability and an easy set-up of food trailers totally convinced everyone that these promotional vehicles are to beat the market. Let alone all customers were pleased with the eye-catching promotional vehicles. “It is a great idea to be able to promote  goods to  customers being at any desired place,” mentioned a satisfied retailer.

promotional vehicles in Berlin

Promotional vehicles in Berlin.

Catering trailers in Dresden

Catering trailers in Dresden, Semperoper,

Klaus Nieding, another customer is totally amazed by catering trailers:”I am sure that very soon a similar photo in front of the Brandenburg Gate will appear, with yellow promotional vehicles having a sign “FOREST FOOD-Mobile” from a collection of  Bad Sobernheim”. Not only professional trade visitors can inspect the fleet of food trailers and promotional vehicles, but also catering trailers are shown to public throughout Germany. Promotional vehicles reached such impressive and popular spots like the football Allianz arena un Munich and a precious Semperoper in Dresden. The pinnacle of the tour was next to the Brandenburg Gate in the capital city of Germany, Berlin. You are more than welcome to have a look at some pictures of the tour.

Mobile food carts in Munich

Mobile food carts in Munich, football Allianz Arena

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