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Promotional vehicle Promotionkit M – modern solution for marketing and branding campaigns as a key to your success

Having designed in cooperation with our partner Neonred, a promotional mobile concession stand Promotionkit M that is offering an innovative solution and serving marketing and branding purposes of a product. Due to a special construction of axes, there is a possibility to lower the promotional vehicle till the level when wheels cannot be seen anymore. Exactly this is making the whole construction of a commercial van be perfect for a visual ad.

This type of promotional vehicles offers a high level of service which is an inevitable part of a marketing concept during any roadshow or exhibition. This promotional vehicle represents a mobile concession stand with unlimited advertising possibilities of any product or brand. Visitors are simply attracted by this type of a commercial van with a huge advertising surface and even a mechanical transparent roof.

An exclusive interior design of a promotional vehicle includes TV and touchscreen in order to make visitors stay more at your stand. Regardless being such a spacious construction, the promotional commercial van Promotionkit M offers a high level of mobility and ease in its usage. Being 4,7 m long, the promotional vehicle involves a lot of storage space with different functionality. Construction itself looks pretty simple. In cooperation with our partners, we were able to create a promotional mobile stand which has attributes of the up-to-date marketing and advertising requirements. We are extremely happy about the fact that a famous German car producer  will be attending a number of roadshows and exhibitions with a new promotional vehicle all around Germany. Our target is to become a market leader in manufacturing of promotional vehicles in order to increase opportunities in the world of marketing and events. From our side, we can assure you providing top quality for your success.


Promotionkit M promotional vehicles

Promotionkit M promotional vehicles

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