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CTR catering trailer manufacturer – long-term cooperation even after completion of the project

The main goal of CTR Fahrzeuge is clients’ satisfaction. Upon a completion of a project, we strive to assist our clients with further help and guidance in order to make our cooperation be long-term. In 2013, in cooperation with our client Steakhouse Indigo from Dornbirn, Austria, we have built a special model of a catering truck with a name Route 66. Two years after of a successful operation at different locations and events, some new inbuilt features of a mobile catering trailer are to be added.

A number of technical features and inbuilt devices are to be replaced, upgraded or added. Our company has performed all necessary measurements in past weeks. Originally built catering truck with 3.5 tonnes of weight had to undergo some changes in order to decrease its’ weight. Thanks to our in-house platform of scales, we can perform such kind of conversions in a very easy and fast way. We were able to identify the exact weight which is legally acceptable on the territory of Austria, so that the event caterers would not face any problem in relation to the Austrian authorities. All relevant systems of the mobile catering truck were taken into consideration during the production stage.

We are more than happy to be able to offer such a service to our regular customer. It is the most convenient way for a client to order a catering truck and make all vital changes to it by working with one company, catering trailer manufacturer CTR Fahrzeuge. Our team wishes Steakhouse Indigo Ltd all the best with their catering truck Route 66.

Catering truck Route 66 Steakhouse Indigo

Catering truck Route 66 Steakhouse Indigo

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