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CTR has just started a new project and a number of different vehicles were delivered – a skyrocketing beginning of summer

Promotional vehicles Promocube is a perfect example of a success story that we perform in cooperation with our constant partner already for a while. A number of national and international companies are using our food catering trucks throughout the whole Europe. It only took us a week to finalize a vehicle of a type Big Square which was specially made for a partner from an automotive industry. This promotional vehicles Promocube shape a mobile marketing action of Mercedes. Its exquisite interior that is built on both floors of the vehicle, reflects high demands of a customer. The chosen colours, shapes and design elements fulfill all branding desires of the customer and express the main purpose. We are very happy to be able to continue the production of this series with possible variations.

Added to this successful project, we had an opportunity to deliver a food catering truck or a mobile beer stand GA 4000-8 EK Shirin to the Brauhaus Park Bellheimer which offers a variety of beer. Representing an authentic design of the brewery house with its beer specialty Valentin, the food catering truck has a refrigerator. An elliptical shape completes the concept of the van that is designed for use during festivals and events.

Also our construction division had a considerable success this week. They constructed a swivel wall van on the basis of Mercedes trucks. Kelterei Conrad from Welschbillig would possibly use the advantage of this type of vehicle in order to optimize their processes. Its easy usage with a large opened area offer several options while loading. This stable and at the same time light basis of a food catering truck will gain its popularity. These attributes convinced our partners, beverage company Geiss from Mainz, to expand their internal fleet with a fridge van from CTR. This fridge van is constructed as a low loader with optimal isolating capabilities. We would like to wish all our partners and friends a sunny weekend ahead and a nice trip.

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