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Promocube and export – two important pillars of the company CTR-Fahrzeugtechnik

In frames of the day of German Senior Citizens in Frankfurt am Main, a Dutch bank exhibited its’ products adapted to the targeted group. There is nothing new about it and cannot be surprising; however, let us have a closer look at the exhibiting stand. This stand does not represent a classic disposable construction, but a particular promotional vehicle created by our company CTR. Thanks to this commercial van, the Dutch can create different set-ups of this Promocube according to needs and wishes.

These promotional vehicles do not require any particular planning and concept, thus, can be easily used at any event locations and exhibitions. An integrated multimedia and lighting system work perfectly in order to attract attention of visitors. Another highlight of these commercial vans is an illuminated roof top. It is our pleasure that our promotional vehicles are being represented by a number of renowned companies throughout Europe and our company can multiply its’ marketing efforts what leads to the amusement of visitors at any exhibition.

Added to that, our export department has just delivered a Promocube of a type GA 4000-8 E to the Luxembourg community Steinfort. Exactly this design of a custom enclosed trailer offers several cooling possibilities, a 2 l tap unit and a number of other useful features supporting the workflow of staff. Thanks to support of the local Brewery Diekirch, commercial vans were taken under patronage of the mayor and local clubs. Promocubes will take a central place in life of the village and its’ residents. Hopefully, you will enjoy it.

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