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Freddy Mobil – probably the smallest catering food truck in the world – is at the FoodTruck Round Up in Stuttgart

Far way earlier than an arrival of the Food Truck Hype that came to Germany from the US, our company produced probably the smallest mobile catering van in the world. This achievement still belongs to us and no one has tried to oppose it. Meanwhile, we have managed to produce many Freddy Mobil covering various concepts: from catering food truck for selling of soups up to a mobile food service cart offering coffee.


One of our clients is a well-known company, Haus O’s Curry from Bavaria, that ordered a small catering food truck. Our franchiser with a special currywurst production has had a possibility of winning more than 10 partners for this concept and there are even more to come. As a result, both companies cooperate during exhibitions. The first united performance will take place during the FOOD TRUCK ROUND UPS, the Intergastra 2016 in Stuttgart. Visitors will get to know to our small catering food truck while trying tasty dishes of O’s Curry. It is good to know that FOODTRUCK ROUND UP is accessible for everyone. Thus, both, area professionals and amateurs can come together. This mix creates a basis for interesting and valuable contacts. We look forward to the joint cooperation with O’s Curry during the exhibition. You are more than welcome to visit us and our Freddy Mobil in order to convince yourself in the innovation we offer through our products.

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