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Delivery of a new concession trailer for Gerolsteiner

The vehicle manufacturer CTR has just built and delivered a new refrigerated trailer for sale. The logo of the company Gerolsteiner, a producer of mineral water, has framed the trailer. And the name of this great concessions trailer is “Arctic”. Added to that, it has a tandem chassis within a construction.

This refrigerated trailer for sale manufactured by our company ensures a safe transportation of goods. The trailer can be used at any event, regardless the size. A concession trailer “Arctic” provides a cooling storage of food and beverages, as well as its transportation from A to B. It is important to mention that our company has provided this refrigerated trailed for sale with a highly sophisticated and individualized equipment.

Concessions trailers include an electronic controller

By default, this refrigerated trailer has a stable wheel, a cooling unit, including automatic control and defrost function. In addition, the vehicle has a lockable double door and an emergency opening. It is possible to add extra functionalities to the basic construction. For example, a concession trailer has a security system during delivery.
The large side panels could be used for an eye-catching poster during a campaign of a company Gerolsteiner. The company from the Trier region has around 770 employees and generated more than 235 million in 2014. The products of Gerolsteiner Brunnen are spread worldwide and are available in 30 countries.


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