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Beer Harlos starts using a new food cart trailer by CTR Fahrzeuge

A refrigeretad van for sale produced by the vehicle company CTR Fahrzeuge has just started its journey to the Northern part of Germany. The company Beer Harlos from Bremerhaven has ordered a model “Arctic” of a food van for their daily operations. This refrigerated van is serving for the transportation of food and beverage.


This van can be used for any type of events. It ensures a smooth delivery of goods and meets all the necessary requirements set by the mobile catering. This model provides a stable supporting wheel, a colling unit with an electronic control and an automated defrosting system. In addition, a lockable double door and an emergency exit are available within a construction.


The floor of the refrigerated van for sale has an insultation with a water-repellent silk screen surface and a pin hole in it. Of course, we are happy to assist individual needs and wishes of our clients and are ready to work on individual requests. Thanks to our know-hows and expertise, we can offer a number of solutions for refriferated vans for sale.

The company Beer Harlos from Bremerhaven has been working in this area since 1950. During that time, the nearly located British barracks were supplied by the handcarts. Already since many years, this supplier has been known in the region for their big fleet and for their wide range of products. They are going further and are conquering event services, wine and automatic exhibitions.

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