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The Swiss daily newspaper “Blick” is going for a promocube

Promotional vehicles produced by the company CTR Fahrzeuge become more and more popular. Being a part of the Ski World Cup in Adelboden, Switzerland, the daily newspaper “Blick” has been informing and promoting being 1400 m high. Having plenty of snow, the Zurich agency accomplished a project from the Alpine republic. Thus, a commercial van continues its plans to expand within Europe.

This promotional vehicle is particularly known for its mobility. It can be easily built up and target a high number of people. The box trailer made by the CTR professionals perfectly covers a media-active presence like in this case with the Swiss. This mobile masterpiece by the CTR masters does not require any complicated technical knowledge.

Promocubes offers a contemporary design with large branding surfaces. In terms of promotions and events, a customer is offered a completely developed system. The setup takes only 60 mintutes and is done by two persons without any problem. A promotional vehicle has proved itself during numerous roadshows, promotions, product presentations and branding events.

It is important to mention that a box trailer offers a large action area which can be used for promotion. Also it is possible to add a cart to a promocube. There is no necessity to have special tractors for its usage. According to your wishes, the roof can be turned into a DJ area or an interview place. If more space is required, then two modules can be put together that offer 48 square meters in total.

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