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Our new Freddy Mobil is launched

We are glad to share our happiness with you by launching a new generation of the successful model of our compact mobile catering unit. A thorough experience that we gained over the past years was integrated into the development of the upgraded model. The Piaggio Porter Benzin-Truck was used as a solid basis for the new model. Due to the upgrade of the vehicle, both permissible total weight and the maximum speed are increased.

The mobile catering unit perfectly suits outside catering, as well as it is easy to use for the promotional activities. Complicated construction procedure is completely eliminated. This compact promotional catering unit is good for indoor and outdoor usage. Due to its high number of offered features and practical handling, Freddy Mobil is high demanded by our clients. In general, we work with every client on an individual basis, developing a unique project and taking into consideration clients’ specifications.
The company Jim’s Finest from Flieden has already received one of the first new mobile catering units Freddy Mobil for outside catering. The vehicle has a high quality and sophisticated interior equipment that serves the preparation and cooling of food and drinks.
Further information about our Freddy Mobil can be found here: Mobile Catering Unit

Do you have questions about the Freddy Mobil? We will be more than happy to assist you . Please contact us:

CTR Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

Am Rosenberg 2

D- 54518 Osann-Monzel

Telefon: 06535 – 9394-0



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