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Event vehicles by CTR promoting Smart cars

The communication agency Neonred from Hürth has started a promotion of the popular and compact Smart car from Daimler with a help of the company CTR Fahrzeuge. The advertising professionals use the promotion kit “Smart” with the identity M GA 4700_LA rectangle from the production of the Osann-Monzeler. The advertised car is powered by a contemporary electric motor.

The event vehicle for Smart has a lowerable storage space and it is additionally equipped with a folding sales counter. All three sides – the rear, front and left sides – are fixed and the right sales side ensures a direct contact to customers. On top of it, this truck trailer has a tailgate with adapter for a charging station of an electric car.

The sales flap is to be opened with the gas pressure absorbents. Also special axles have a practical electrohydraulic system. All this is securing that an event caterer can be lowered at a comfortable entry at 20 centimeters height.

A loudspeaker is installed in each of four corners. An optic of the event vehicle is not to be neglected when it comes to promotional purposes. Thus, CTR 55-inch screens are inbuilt in the wall of the storage space on the left side. They are connected to an outer wall and are borderless – so that only screens can be seen. Under the screen, there is a loudspeaker for sound reinforcement.

The promotion event vehicle is rounded with two bounce pads and two light transpans where the logo “Smart” is emblazoned. Inside the sales room, there is an integrated mount for an e-bike simulator. This truck trailer meets the highest standards within the area. We are happy to provide you with a tailored event vehicle taking into consideration your individual needs and requirements.

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