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CTR is refurbishing the food concession trailer for the beverage company Stöhr

From old to new: professionals of building food catering trailers from the company CTR have completely refurbished a drink concession trailer of the company Stöhr from Dillingen. Thus, an upgraded model of the trailer is to shine in all its beauty. An overall refurbishment of the vehicle makes it look as a new one due to a high quality and robust basic substance. Added to that, the food catering trailer got a brand new paint in order not to miss any single optical presence.


This model of a food concession trailer goes under the type GA 5000-8 EA Vision. The trailer is very flexible and uncomplicated in use during events of all kind and ensures a smooth workflow. The vehicle offers all necessary amenities for mobile catering professionals. Thanks to the modern basic equipment, nothing stands in a way of a successful operational work. We are happy to upgrade your food catering trailers in order to make your business run even better.
The beverage company Stöhr from Dillingen / Saar is not only a professional within the beverage gastronomic market, but also offers a wine shop, operating an established beverage market. Special services: empties can be loaded and unloaded without any problem, so that a visitor can get to know to a wide assortment.

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