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Wiesbaden Event Agency: Raketenclub is converting their small trailer

Not only does CTR offer new mobile food trailers, we also undertake extensive remodeling and modernization measures in the area of used food trucks. The Raketenclub Wiesbaden had now converted a used beverage small trailer to a wine mobile truck.

The used food truck has an extensive equipment. The central counter cooling area offers space for 300 wine bottles. In addition, there is a powerful dishwasher and a music system in the mobile wine trailer. A transparent roof attracts even more attention of the clientele. Added to that, the small trailer is lowered hydraulically, so that the staff is at the same level with the guests.

The Raketenclub Event Agency organizes events and meetings primarily in the Wiesbaden area. On top of it, this also includes street food events. Exactly there, a refurbished mobile wine trailer will be serving a wide wine selection for the guests. In addition, the company offers a rental of all necessary equipment for events.

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