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News from CTR-Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH

A story of success – CTR Fahrzeugtechnik and Promocube are united in an alliance

Promocube Maybelline

Roadshows is an innovative marketing concept which is being successfully implemented by a number of companies of different areas of interest. The concept works based on the following principle: having a unique possibility to present a product to a client directly in the environment of a client. Such socially busy locations like pedestrian areas, markets … [read more]

29. May 2015

The week of record at CTR-Fahrzeugtechnik

Towing the Weinhaus Neumann concessions trailer with sliding tarp system and hydraulic lift

During the past week, we had a number of mobile catering vans that were produced in our company. Everything started with a beer concessions trailer type GA 4000-8 EK  Shirin which was designed for a very traditional beverage handler Keil from  Landstuhl. This vehicle is precisely described in our catalogue of products, having very convenient … [read more]

30. April 2015

CTR catering trailer manufacturer – long-term cooperation even after completion of the project

Catering truck Route 66 Steakhouse Indigo

The main goal of CTR Fahrzeuge is clients’ satisfaction. Upon a completion of a project, we strive to assist our clients with further help and guidance in order to make our cooperation be long-term. In 2013, in cooperation with our client Steakhouse Indigo from Dornbirn, Austria, we have built a special model of a catering … [read more]

20. March 2015

Promotional vehicle Promotionkit M – modern solution for marketing and branding campaigns as a key to your success

Promotionkit M promotional vehicles

Having designed in cooperation with our partner Neonred, a promotional mobile concession stand Promotionkit M that is offering an innovative solution and serving marketing and branding purposes of a product. Due to a special construction of axes, there is a possibility to lower the promotional vehicle till the level when wheels cannot be seen anymore. … [read more]

26. February 2015

Zappei drinks from Cochem are expanding their fleet of fridge vans with an uploading system

Fridge vans

Our client from Cochem city, Zappei drinks, is working hard on the preparation for a summer season full of events and festivals. A new type of fridge vans with an uploading system will help Zappei company to be the first one during all upcoming festivities of the season around the Moselle Cochem region. Like all … [read more]

30. January 2015

Heading into a successful year 2015 together with a food service cart Freddy mobil

Freddy Mobil of the bakery Ernst

We would like to wish all our customers, partners and colleagues a great year 2015 and we look forward to our fruitful and prolific cooperation in future. We are more than happy to face new challenges and highlights of the year, being oriented on unique projects together with you and for you. This year, we … [read more]

5. January 2015

CTR MEGA is just on the go – Freddy Mobil promotional vehicle in cooperation with Metro Cash & Carry having a tour around Germany

promotional vehicles in Berlin

Small, practical and extremely conspicuous. This is the first impression of the passing by pedestrians who described the Freddy Mobil promotional vehicle in this way. Exactly this convinced the Germany’s leading wholesaler Metro Cash & Carry to start a tour with their all-rounder all around the most favourable places of the country since March 2014. … [read more]

26. November 2014

Concession food trailer Model 2015 – Lea for a company Getränke Martini

concession food trailer

If we are thinking about innovation and great ideas in a food and beverage area, then there is nothing better than a beverage company Getränke Martini. Exactly this company from  Morbach-Gutenthal  is always chasing innovations in the industry. What can be better than a customer who is loving your product and recommends it everyone. There … [read more]

28. October 2014

Exclusive wine trailer concession for the Neumann winery

Wine trailer concession

Exactly this type of a wine trailer concession sets up new standards, involving technology and the way of handling in the area of mobile food carts. The company CTR-Fahrzeuge is working on the top-notch performance in the industry of catering vans, food trailers and mobile vending trucks. Bringing the high level of standards, we are … [read more]

29. September 2014

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